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Angelfall - Susan Ee I am not a teenage girl, but still I liked the book overall. sure, the first 75% the book seems like it will go the standard, well-trodden sugar cotton route, where I thought I would not be continuing this series:
the flirting and romance seems on the nose, the first person narrative feels clunky, and some of penryn's decisions feel forced as we get to know her, but in the end susan ee manages to catch me again.
I will give the second book a read :)

I revised my decision to read the next book after reading its plot intro. it felt as if I already read that book: (strong) girl has to save sister in post-apocalyptic world.
if the only motivation girls can find to be/grow strong is their little sister, then I've read this book when it was called hunger games or Angelfall.
i'll let it wait and see if I'm still interested next year.